Timothy Brady - Asst. Professor of Psychology (Principal Investigator)
Tim received his PhD from MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, working with Dr. Aude Oliva, and performed postdoctoral research in the Department of Psychology at Harvard working with Dr. George Alvarez in the Harvard Vision Lab. He currently heads the Vision and Memory Lab. You can view his CV, Google Scholar profile, or email him. Tim's office at UC San Diego is in McGill Hall, Room 5322.

Jonas Lau - PhD student/now postdoc
Jonas was a PhD student in the Brady lab and in Pashler lab and is now a postdoc in the Brady lab. In our lab, he has worked primarily on ensemble statistics, visual search, multiple object tracking and the relationship of multiple object tracking to intuitive physics.

Anna Shafer-Skelton - PhD student
Anna is a Ph.D. student in the Brady and Serences labs. She received her undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis, working with Richard Abrams. After that, she moved to Boston, where she worked with Tim Brady and George Alvarez in the Harvard Vision Lab, and then to Ohio State University, where she was a lab manager/research assistant with Julie Golomb in the Vision & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. In Brady lab she is studying visual scene recognition and visual working memory. Google Scholar profile.

Michael Allen - PhD student
Michael is a Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Science department, working between the Interactive Cognition lab and the Brady lab. He received his undergraduate and masters degrees in mathematical physics in Dublin, Ireland, before switching to psychology via a master’s degree in London, and finally arriving in UCSD. He is interested in the intersection of memory, perception and the occurrent conscious experience, from a philosophical and psychological perspective.

Jamal Williams - PhD student
Jamal is a PhD student in the Brady and Störmer labs, working on a variety of issues at the intersection of visual memory and visual attention, including how visual working memory guides visual attention, the role of interference within a category on visual long-term memory, crossmodal recognition, and the role of knowledge in visual working memory.

Hayden Schill - PhD student
Hayden is a PhD student in the Brady lab. She was previously a research assistant with Dr. Jeremy Wolfe at Harvard Med. School. In Brady lab, she is working on how memory is impacted by expertise, in particular focused on how radiologists remember and make decisions about medical images.

Isabella Destefano - PhD student
Isabella is a PhD student in the Brady lab interested in psychophysical scaling, individual differences and the role of categories in visual working memory.

Zeljana Babic
Undergraduate honors student and researcher
Zeljana is studying how ensemble representations in working memory relate to fluid intelligence.

Brittany Hawkins-Carter
Undergraduate researcher
Brittany is working on projects investigating how to precisely measure visual information in memory.

Yonghoon Chung
Undergraduate researcher
Yong is working on projects investigating how working memory is affected by object motion.

Elizabeth Bennette
Undergraduate researcher
Liz is working on projects focused on the interaction between scene perception and working memory.

Seema Ahmed
Undergraduate researcher
Seema is working on projects investigating ensemble processing, with a focus on EEG.

Avery Quynh
Undergraduate researcher
Avery is working on projects investigating attention and working memory.

Lulu Ricketts
Undergraduate researcher
Lulu is working on projects focused on visual long-term memory.

Sarah Amiraslani
Undergraduate researcher
Sarah is working on projects focused on ensemble perception and visual memory.

Join the lab

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These wonderful people used to work in the lab but have moved on:

Mark Schurgin - Former postdoctoral researcher
Mark was a postdoctoral researcher in the lab, where he studied a variety of issues in visual working memory and visual long-term memory, using behavioral, computational and cognitive neuroscience methods. Mark got his Ph.D. from the department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University working with Jon Flombaum. He's now working at Google: Visit his website. Google Scholar profile.

Chaipat Chunharas, M.D. - Former PhD student
Chaipat was a PhD student who did work on visual working memory, including biases that arise from the interaction of items with each other in memory.

Other alumni:

  • Isabel Asp (Undergraduate researcher, now lab manager at CNS Laboratory of Memory and Brain, Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System)
  • Annalise Miner (Undergraduate researcher)
  • Robert Walter (Undergraduate researcher, now PhD student at Yale Psychology)
  • Kelvin Lam (Undergraduate researcher, now PhD student at UC Santa Barbara Psychology)
  • Qingzi (Fanny) Zheng (Undergraduate researcher, now PhD student at Iowa Psychology)
  • Nimsi Guerrero (Summer undergraduate researcher)
  • Crystal Reudas (Summer undergraduate researcher)
  • Trenton Brooks (Summer undergraduate researcher)