Join the Lab

Postdoctoral researchers

We are always looking for excellent postdocs. You should email Dr. Brady to express your interest. Please include a brief summary of your background, your goals for your postdoctoral training, your website address (if available), your CV, and a representative publication.

Graduate students

We are always looking for qualified Ph.D. students. To apply, you should send an application to the UC San Diego Department of Psychology and choose Dr. Brady as the advisor you are primarily interested in. Applications are due in late November in order to start the following September. Before applying, we recommend emailing with Dr. Brady to express your interest -- please include some information about your research interests, technical skills and previous experience when doing so.

While a bachelors degree in Psychology, Neuroscience or related fields is required and programming skills (MATLAB, Python, C/C++, etc.) and experience with behavioral testing are desirable, we are also open to considering exceptional candidates from wider backgrounds. The psychology department offers support for students that is competitive and is not restricted to U.S. citizens.

Research assistants

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate research assistants with a strong interest in cognitive psychology, perception and memory. If you're interested in volunteering in the lab or doing a "199" for course credit, please use the UCSD REAL portal to find our listing (Vision and Memory Lab Research Assistant) and fill out the required forms. This listing is available starting 2 weeks before each quarter begins if we have a vacancy in the lab.